Jeevan Sambhal is a food initiative taken by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje of Rajasthan to eliminate hunger and provide the necessary nutrients to people in need. Hunger and Malnutrition is a problem that kills 1.3 million Indian children every year. It’s a crucial issue that is overlooked and neglected. Heaps of well-cooked, nutritious food is wasted daily without a consideration. It is disheartening to see people so unfortunate that don’t have access to the most basic must requirement.

Jeevam Sambhal’s Annapurna Kitchen “Mile On Wheel” is the first impactful initiative aimed to cater at minimal cost. It provides hot and freshly cooked meals designed to incorporate the necessary fortifying minerals and vitamins required by everyone. Daily, 2,20,000 meals are served and we aim to make it 4, 50, 000 meals every day. We are still a very young organization. We need more people to step up and volunteer towards eliminating hunger. We want to be cover as many states in India as we can in providing wholesome meals at affordable prices. We are contributing towards fighting hunger in our country and you should too.


Vasundhara Raje is the current Chief Minister of Rajasthan serving her second term as CM. Her first term was served from 2003-2008 where she left a mark by putting a strong focus on improving the state’s infrastructure by building more canals, power stations, and roads. Furthermore, she is the first woman to be the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and was awarded the United Nations ‘Women’s Together Award’ in 2007 for her great initiatives like developing better educational opportunities for the state’s youth.
Jeevan Sambhal is a food initiative by Vasundhara Raje that seeks to provide healthy, fortifying meals at affordable prices to those that need it. With the Annapurna Rasoi Scheme, no person will have to go to bed hungry! Be a part of the community, make a difference!



With the mission to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in India, The Annapurna Rasoi scheme was started by Vasundhara Raje, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan under the charitable trust – Jeevan Sambhal.


Jeevan Sambhal, the charitable trust is currently providing 2,20,000 meals every day through Annapurna Rasoi scheme and are working towards providing 4,50,000 meals per day.


The vision behind The Annapurna Rasoi scheme is to provide micronutrient, fortified, hot cooked meals with adequate amount of nutritions to every citizen of India that needs it. Nutrious food at affordable prices. No one should have to sleep on an empty stomach!


The Annapurna Rasoi scheme is implemented through mobile vans moving around urban local bodies of the state identified by the local self-government of Rajasthan.